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Air taxi

Air taxi changes your lifestyle giving to you more time, the only one resource you can not buy, unless you choose Aerotaxiforyou.
Same- day, multiple destinations and appointments are now an achievable reality with executive flights.
Our aircrafts are available for all those people that want and are able to take advantage of every single moment of the day.
You can reach any destination at any time simply booking by phone one our aircrafts.
Our Pilots’ experience and expertise are at your service to make each transfer as pleasant and safe as possible.
Our aircrafts are highly reliable and closely examinated before each take off by fully qualified staff, comfort and luxury are careful to each single detail.
Whether it is a business flight or a pleasure flight, a VIP flight or a taxi flight, you could attend to all of your appointments feeling fresh, running your business as you were in your office.
Rent a flight on a jet of ours and you will see the difference!



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